EVA01 offers several device-connectivity options, both to a host PC and a local network.

Connecting to a host PC

Connection to a host PC is necessary to perform terminal access to the Linux system running on the board. It is also necessary during the boot phase in order to configure the board's boot options, such as changing the location from where the firmware should be retrieved, performing a reset and so on.

DevelBoard offers terminal access to the host PC using the USB mini-A connector available on EVA01.

Connecting to a network

To connect to a network, there are two possbilities: the Ethernet interface for a wired connection, or the WiFi interface for a wireless connection.

To connect to the local network during the boot phase, the Ethernet interface must be used, and configured (either with a static IP address, or through a DHCP server on the LAN) via the barebox configuration file.