Welcome to DevelBoard BSP documentation

DevelBoard is a Linux-based SoM, running on an Atmel SMART MPU @ 600MHz, with up to 512MB of DDR2 RAM and 512MB of NAND Flash memory.

It is targeted to both beginner and advanced users, thanks to a vast software ecosystem that takes care of the complex and repetitive configuration of a Linux embedded system, while still maintaining its flexibility and customization options.

It is ideal for many industrial applications, even in harsh environments requiring a device operating at extended temperature ranges and with high RF/EMF tolerance. Thanks to the SoftGPU technology, it is possible to write modern GUI applications even without a dedicated graphics processor.

This documentation describes both the DevelBoard BSP and the DevelBoard EVA01, along with several examples of the most common operations a user might want to perform.

The BSP includes powerful custom tools, developed specifically for DevelBoard, which remove the burden of configuring a Linux environment, letting the user focus solely on the development process.

EVA01 is a flexible hardware platform that allows the user to evaluate the functionalities offered by DevelBoard, and even prototype their product without the need for a custom DevelBoard-based board.