Ubuntu Core

In addition to the official distribution (i.e.: the one you get when you run dboard init) we also offer a proof-of-concept root filesystem based on Ubuntu Core 14.04.

NOTE: This root file-system is provided only as a proof of concept and its use is not supported.

Installing Ubuntu Core is as simple as following these steps, provided that you have already installed the dboard tool:

git clone https://github.com/DevelBoard/images-ubuntu-core.git
cd images-ubuntu-core
dboard makesd --mode=rw

After that, reboot the board and connect with dboard serial, as usual. By default, the root account isn't protected by a password, just like the regular rootfs.


  • Ubuntu Core is heavier than our standard distribution image and slower to boot.
  • Network services are disabled by default. To gain network access connect the Ethernet cable and run dhclient -v eth0.
  • dboard discover and dboard ssh won't work.